Amarok Spirit of Africa Competition Terms and Conditions

  1. These Terms and Conditions govern the Amarok Spirit of Africa competition ("the Competition").
  2. By participating in the Competition, you agree to these Terms and Conditions.
  3. In addition, your access to any website or application required for participation will be subject to the Terms and Conditions imposed by the respective service providers.
  4. Volkswagen of South Africa (Pty) Limited ("VWSA") shall not be responsible for any loss or damage arising from the Competition. This includes but is not limited to that arising from technical malfunction of any communication network, late, lost, incomplete, misdirected, incorrectly submitted, delayed, illegible or corrupt Competition entry or participant error.
  5. The Competition commences on Monday 03 April 2017 and closes on Monday 17 April 2017 at 10h00. Twenty entrants will be shortlisted and qualified. If the short-listed entrant does not meet the criteria stated in the next point, another entrant will be chosen in their place. From the 20, five winners will be chosen. These winners and their chosen friend/partner will be required to attend and participate the Spirit of Africa Trophy elimination round taking place from (and including) Saturday 06 May 2017 to (and including) Monday 08 May, referred to below as "the Event". This may require the winners to take leave from work, and acceptance of the prize implies that the winner has done so if applicable. The dates are not negotiable due to the Spirit of Africa Trophy being fully subscribed, and all five winners are required to participate together in the same group.
  6. The Competition is only open to legal residents of South Africa, Botswana, and Namibia who are 18 years or older, possess a valid driving licence, and have not participated in the Spirit of Africa Trophy in or after 2010, i.e. since the Amarok has been the official vehicle. The same requirements are applicable for the friend/partner that short-listed entrants nominate to participate in the Event with them.
  7. The Competition is not open to members, partners, directors, employees, agents or consultants of VWSA or its affiliated companies, agencies, service providers, contractors and members of their immediate or extended family.
  8. Only individuals may enter the Competition.
  9. Only one entry per person is permitted. An entry is considered to be an individual’s completion of five multiple choice questions ("the quiz"). On completion of the quiz, the entrant will have the opportunity to boost their chances of winning by sharing the competition link with their followers on their Facebook and/or Twitter social media profiles. By doing this – either one or both – the entrant will receive the stated number of extra ‘entries’. The extra number of entries is not cumulative (i.e. doubled) if both platforms are used. Sharing the competition through the provided links is the only way to increase an individual’s number of entries. Further attempts at the multiple choice quiz will not be counted and thus will not increase an entrant’s chances of winning. It is important to note that copy/pasting the competition link into Facebook or Twitter posts without using the buttons on the quiz completion page cannot be reliably tracked and thus is not counted as a way to increase chances of winning.
  10. To be eligible for the draw, individuals will have to first submit their full name and surname, email address, cellphone number and confirm agreement with these Terms and Conditions. Thereafter, individuals are required to complete the quiz. At the end of the Competition, 20 entrants will be selected for the final round.
  11. The 20 short-listed entrants will be contacted by VWSA’s advertising agency ("the Agency") telephonically and will be required, together with their nominated friend/partner, to submit a video of between one and three minutes that explains what made the individual enter and why they want to compete in the Spirit of Africa Trophy. Both the entrant and their friend/partner must appear on camera in the video and the video must reach the Agency before the deadline specified by the Agency.
  12. Based on the videos submitted, the Agency will select the five winners according to the entrants’ motivation for participating in the competition, on-camera personality and alignment with the Volkswagen brand, i.e. integrity, diversity, inclusivity, approachability and a sense of humour towards oneself.
  13. Images and videos used in the communication of this competition are not necessarily reflective of the prize.
  14. The prize is neither transferable nor negotiable and cannot be deferred or exchanged for cash.
  15. If the Agency is unable to contact the short-listed entrants or the winners within 5 working days, VWSA and the Agency shall be entitled but not obliged to replace the short-listed entrant with, or award the prize to, the next eligible entrant.
  16. The participation of the winners and their friends/partners (hereafter referred to as "the Participants") in the Event will be filmed and photographed. Submission of their video indicates that the short-listed entrants and their friends/partners are comfortable with this. VWSA thus reserves the right to film and photograph the Participants during the three days of the Event and publish or otherwise use the footage and photographs for promotional purposes in relation to the Spirit of Africa and Spirit of Amarok indefinitely.
  17. The Competition judges’ decision shall be final and not subject to any appeal or review. No correspondence will be entered into.
  18. If VWSA is legally required to alter any aspect of the Competition or to terminate the Competition, VWSA will have the right to do so without prior notice. VWSA, the Competition organisers and sponsors shall not be liable for such alteration or cancellation.
  19. Unless you consent otherwise, neither VWSA nor any of the Competition organisers or sponsors will use the personal information you give us for any purpose other than facilitation of the Competition or compliance with applicable legislation.
  20. It shall be a pre-requisite for the Participants to provide VWSA with proof acceptable to VWSA of their identity and licence to drive within South Africa upon notification of their prize or at any point during the competition or Event.
  21. Participation in the Event requires that the Participants will abide by the rules of the Event, and will sign the Spirit of Africa indemnity and Conditions of Contract, the latter is available here. The indemnity warrants and acknowledges that:
    • 21.1. The general health of the Participants is good and there is nothing which renders them unfit to undertake participation in the Spirit of Africa Trophy (and the Spirit of Amarok, if the team are successful) competition, and
    • 21.2. The Participants understand and appreciate fully that there may well be risks, hazards and dangers to which they would be subjected by competing and, more particularly, that there are risks, dangers and perils attendant upon any form of motor racing, which the Participants assume by participating.
    • 21.3. The Participants indemnify and hold harmless the Spirit of Africa organisers and any/all associated persons/parties against any claim associated with these risks, hazards or dangers, or any loss of and/or damage to, any property from any cause whatsoever.
  22. Whilst full catering, water and soft drinks are included in the prize, the Participants will be required to purchase any alcoholic beverages they wish to consume. Accommodation provided for the Event is basic camping. Further details regarding what is included or excluded during the Event can be found on the Spirit of Africa Trophy webpages on the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles website here.
  23. The Winner will be liable for the excess on any damage incurred to the Amaroks through negligence or driving that is in contravention of the rules of the Spirit of Africa.
  24. The travel costs for the Participants to attend the Event will be covered by VWSA.
  25. Successful entry into the Competition does not amount to eligibility.
  26. Announcement of the winners does not amount to compliance with the Competition Terms and Conditions. VWSA reserves the right to disqualify any participant who breaches any of the Competition Terms and Conditions, or engages in any unlawful or dishonest conduct in relation to the Competition. In this regard VWSA shall be entitled to recover any loss or damage from the responsible party arising from such conduct.
  27. These Terms and Conditions are available on

Updated on 29 March 2017.